You want to be the most conscious leader that you can be and create positive impact.

And you need some next level awareness and guidance to support you.

  • Mindset

    Move away from the gender-binary mindset to create more inclusivity and freedom.

  • A New Lens

    Expand your lens and understand gender from a queer feminist perspective.

  • Integrate

    your new gender consciousness and inclusivity into your programs, courses or projects

  • Create

    a safer, more inclusive environment and atmosphere to best support your team, clients or participants.

  • Impact

    Get clear on your vision for yourself, your work, society and the world.

  • Next Level

    Take your work to the next level to create the kind of inclusive, just, feminist, and liberatory society/community that you envision.

The Program

  • 1
    Gender Awareness + Action Program
    • Our First 1:1 Session
    • Shift Your Gendered Language Cheatsheet
    • Your Gender Awareness + Reflection Guide
    • Gender Socialization Video 1
    • Gender Reflection Video 2
    • 30 Minute Check-In Session
    • Gender Visualization Video 3
    • Gender Implementation Video 4
    • Our Final 1:1 Session With Me
    • Extra Resources


You can choose to pay in full or a payment plan.